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artists in creative education

Sara Clifford, together with co-writer, Chrissie Tiller, launched their practical guide for artists working in creative education, to a conference, ‘Unlocking children’s creativity – making artists the key’.


At the one-day event on 6 October, Chrissie and Sara shared the results of their 18-month European-wide project involving 25 artists from nine European countries. The artists have exchanged practices and worked to develop the practical guide to support other artists to work effectively in primary schools, particularly in deprived communities.


The conference was hosted by four agencies from across Europe: British charity Creativity, Culture and Education; Cultuur-Ondernemen (Netherlands); Drömmarnas Hus (Sweden); and Kulturkontakt (Austria). The aim of the conference was to address the role artists play as creative partners in schools by combining the knowledge of leading international experts, artists, educators and EU representatives.

The day included a live link-up with classrooms in the UK, India, Tanzania, Russia and Brussels to illustrate approaches to working creatively across national borders.


Speakers at the conference included: Mary Honeyball, MEP, Member of the Committee for Culture and Education; Karolina Zielinska, Chair of the Culture Affairs Committee of the EU and senior expert in the Polish Ministry of Culture; and Paul Collard, Chief Executive of Creativity, Culture and Education.


You can find out more about the conference here:



as well as downloading the free AiCE practical guide.


Unlocking children’s creativity – making artists the key


AiCE practical guide download

Brussels, October 2011