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Conceived, written and produced by Sara Clifford, performed by Joanna Neary.

Commissioned by Inn Crowd and South Downs National Park Authority, with support from Applause Rural Touring.

A Cherry-Seller sits by the side of the road. We’ve all seen them.

People stop, people buy cherries and people chat. They tell their stories: of ancient farms and modern fetes; of lost skills and identities; of overgrown orchards and the ghosts of the villages – and bring new stories, different ideas and different cultures.

Weaving the stories of the people Sara met during her research as the Inn Crowd Writer in Residence, with tales of the history and culture of the Downs, this one-person show  explored the changing landscapes and populations of the Park – as well as how the history of cherries is also the history of Southern England.

Touring pubs and community venues across the South Downs, performed with text, music and humour, the show asked questions about the past, present and future of the Park.
This is not about nostalgia – this is a Cherry Soup of a show: sweet and sour and a little unexpected…




"A beautifully realised piece, this performance at The Hope Inn was just one of a tour of pub performances across the South Downs National Park.  By the end, hundreds of people will have watched a very engaging theatrical performance, but we will also have had our eyes opened a bit wider to the traditional life of the region, and how quickly it’s changing.  Seeing the stars above is wonderful, but this production gives us a clearer perspective on our own community.   These days, that’s incredibly important."



"Incredibly well composed, fantastic characterisation, great songs, lovely singing and hilarious moments of storytelling sprinkled with urgency and loss."

"Fantastic – incredibly well-written, superb performance. Absolutely loved it."

"Each small history was so beautifully crafted, so rich. Magic carpet stuff... what good writing does best, allow us to experience something without being instructed how to do it."



cherry soup