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creative partnerships

We believe that the best education has creativity at its heart


Inroads Productions managed the professional development programme for Creative Partnerships in Sussex and Surrey 2008-2011




Creative Partnerships was a government  funded programme set up in 2002 to promote creative learning across the  curriculum through partnerships between creative professionals, teachers and young people.


Initially managed by Arts Council England, the programme was  run by the independent charity Creativity, Culture  and Education (CCE) after 2008. Its funding was withdrawn in 2011.


A typical project might involve a dancer and a visual artist working with a maths teacher and a group of young people, using paper and bamboo structures with dance movements to understand algebra in an entirely new and creative way – a way they would remember.




A key aspect for the work, was the free training provided for creative practitioners, from visual artists to dancers to writers; from gardeners to scientists to musicians.


We also offered training for teachers wanting to work in a more creative way in their schools.


Over the course of five years, we worked with around 500 teachers and creative practitioners.

"The day hugely developed my understanding and confidence, and renewed my pride in my skills."


"A well thought through day. Great to have the three perspectives of and styles of the trainers."


"Very positive and enthusiastic facilitators."


"A very useful and inspiring day."