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We believe in theatre that makes a difference, and so each of our projects is supported by an outreach programme that enhances and enriches the experience of audience and participants

We invite people to train in collecting oral histories, offering expert tuition; and these stories and memories are often used within the performance to inspire and inform the script.

We offer themed workshops in schools, colleges and community groups; and we invite people to take part, whether as contributors or participants, as choirs, musicians or dancers, alongside our professional casts.

We work with university departments and local specialists and historians, to add a depth and richness to our research and workshops.

And we work with a range of partner organisations and individuals to ensure the highest quality in outreach, engagement and performance.


"Brilliant show! Fabulous people we have met! Hope to meet them again!"


"Favourite moment – dancing in expectation, waiting for the audience to take their seats. Then realizing they were surrounding us."


"It was a great experience for us. The atmosphere in the Winter Garden was super."


"Best thing of all is to see all the variety of dancers coming together and mingling."


"The Dance Hall project was exciting to be part of and in from the beginning. I  learned to ballroom dance and I felt part of that ‘theatre atmosphere’ –  FABULOUS!"


"Being part of a big local event and contributing in a small way."


"I learnt what a great place Newhaven is! Take away the heart of the town and  rebuild it, but the community remains!"


"My favourite moment – impossible to choose! So many!"

response from participants