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Newhaven Fort

18th - 21st March 2015



Written and conceived by Sara Clifford


In the early days of the Great War in 1914, the British Empire was, of course, invincible, and it seemed that the fighting would truly be over by Christmas. But the professional army were losing and from now on England would expect all men, young and old, to volunteer.


By Christmas, it was clear that the war was far from over - and those at home were beginning to understand it was not something that just happened on the battlefields.


Inspired by Sara Clifford’s and local people's family stories of the Great War, this new site-responsive promenade play drew on text, sound and visual projections to create a haunting story of love and loss.


Directed by Terry O'Donovan


Designed by Gem Greaves


Produced by Veronica Stephens for Zap Art and Sara Clifford for Inroads Productions


Cast: Nicky Blackwell, Simon Spencer-Hyde, Delme Thomas, Greg Shewring, Evelyn Lockley


Dancers: Studio Tempo, Wrightway Dancers, City College Brighton and Hove, Brighton Belles, Sussex Swing


Sound installations by Thor McBurnie


Video Projections by Shared Space and Light


Music by Pat Power


Lighting by Roger Smissen


Choreography  by Margret Banks (Studio Tempo) and Matthew Blacklock (Ragroof Players)


All photographs © Ray Gibson



Home Fires

"Sara Clifford’s script delicately explores the mixed emotions on the home front through a local family, soldiers stationed in Seaford, and Newhaven’s telegram girl, Grace Crismas."



"Memorable, sad and impressive."



"A big, rich evening."

Darren East, Total Theatre


"I thought this was an excellent production, extremely well judged in its use of a variety of media and locations. It presented an emotional and focussed central narrative around clearly identified characters whilst also exploiting the scale of the location, through a highly disciplined chorus and simple but effective design.


It also included some wonderfully evocative installations and projections which all added hugely to the narrative core and the wider picture of the War and its impact. Every scene or image was well placed, the promenade audience was moved firmly but sympathetically around the site and our focus was guided often quite subtly towards images or locations. Many congratulations to the whole creative team, actors and chorus."


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