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The story of N – a punk who grew old – and her trip back in time, guided by the ghost of Sid Vicious...


A play in English and French, by Sara Clifford and Denis Baronnet

Original music by Denis Baronnet and Jerome Castel

Directed by Stefano Viali

Produced by Claudia Della Seta for Afrodita Theatre Company, Teatro Orologio, Rome, 2013


"I’ll tell you what happened, I’ll tell you the story.

"You destroyed the studio, you fucked up the contract, smashed up everything, high as a kite. Then you called me at two in the morning, Oh please Pete, come and get us please, come on, we’re going to steal everything in the fucking studio - please come with the car and  get us.

"And so we fucking came – and what do we find?

"You, lying in that bar, sprawled across the floor, no signs of life, with that fucking hanging dog above you, spinning round and round like a kebab, Rachel pissed out of her mind, talking to the dead dog!, the place was littered with junk, you’d broken into the bar, you’d killed the dog, and -

" - We all thought you were dead."