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With every production, we offer a wrap around programme of enrichment and participation, with workshops led by Sara and other key artists, including Carol Havard and Rosaria Gracia, using writing, drama, dance, visual art and music to explore the themes of the play with a range of groups in the community of all ages.


"I enjoyed the process from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed being in site specific theatre and working with a professional as well as other community cast. Thank you so much!!"

"Thank you so much for the opportunity, what a great show!"

"I enjoyed everything! I enjoyed working with a highly skilled and experienced team which made for a very calm and supportive environment. I enjoyed the personal challenge of needing to be as organised as I could possibly be to keep on top of the different facets of the projects that involved my attention. I loved working in the vast outdoor site specific space, it was full of intriguing spaces steeped in history."



"Brilliant show! Fabulous people we have met! Hope to meet them again!"

"It was really lovely to get the chance to take part in such a great project. The Regent was a great part of my mother’s youth and she came along to see it and to watch me take part, which she enjoyed."

"My favourite moment – impossible to choose! So many! The performance, involvement in workshops, assisting with display and diversity of the project."



I have enjoyed it so much, I enjoyed everything about it.. I wish you could carry on with it!  I enjoyed it all’

audience feedback