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Conceived and written by Sara Clifford, this large scale site-specific work was based on stories collected from local people in Newhaven about the Dieppe Raid of 1942.ᅠ The script wove these stories into a magical tale of a lost soldier who finally returns home after 70 years to his still-waiting wife Penelope, and involved local choirs, schools, older dancers, a brass band and a bugler.

Audiences were taken on a journey around Newhaven Fort, weaving into tunnels lit only by torches and standing on top of the Fort for the final moving scene, looking out over the sea and the town.

Performed by a professional cast, with 60 local dancers, singers and performers.


A co–production between inroads and Zap Art


Directed by Claire Raftery

Designed by Jane Bruce

Performed by Peter Faulkner, Cheryl Jones, Olly Harrison, Charles Allen, Kitty Newbury, Kay Wetheril

Original music by Susan Moate

All photographs © Ray Gibson


The Port, The Beast & The Traveller

"Absolutely wonderful, so moving – perfect creation. Thanks a million"


"Amazing – very moving.ᅠ Wonderful dramatic location. Well done!"


"A fantastic and unique production in an atmospheric setting"

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