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Since 2004, inroads has created a number of performance projects including:



OUR DANCING FEET Following the story of a group of friends on a night out just before the Coronation in 1953, this site specific dance/theatre  piece explores this fascinating time of great change, incorporating live music and dance,  celebrates  the history of the Regent Ballroom in Brighton and the Winter Garden in Eastbourne, with both a professional cast and community dancers.

'A glorious waltz through social history'

Available to tour, adapted for each location.


THE PORT, THE BEAST AND THE TRAVELLER Originally inspired by the Dieppe Raid of 1942, the story imagines a lost soldier who finally returns home after 70 years to his still-waiting wife Penelope. Inspired and informed by the stories and memories of local people,  and performed at the Fort, the play also captured the changes in Newhaven over the years.



NON a bilingual French/English play written by Sara Clifford and Denis Baronnet,  Non explored the legacy of punk through the story of one woman, N, and her journey back in time, guided by the ghost of  Sid Vicious. Produced in Rome in 2013, with an Italian company. Available to tour




at present we are developing three projects for 2015/16: