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Shadow Chasing will explore the world of ‘shadow chasers’, who move around the country and the world to track eclipses.

Chasing shadows means something you can never quite catch, and actually the trick is to stand still and let it catch you, let it pass over you.ᅠ ‘Eclipse’ comes from the Greek ‘to vanish’, or ‘to leave..’

The storyᅠfollows one woman escaping, running away from another kind of shadow. She embarks on a journey to see the solar eclipse, travelling across country, and arriving to meet aᅠTent City ragbag mix of people: scientists, New Agers, artists and the just plain curious – all addicted to the sight of the eclipse – ᅠ equipped with home made devices to look at the sun, from buckets with goggles,ᅠ to welder’s helmets,ᅠ to reflected images on the body.

It will explore the magnetic draw that eclipses have on us all – a time when world seems to hold its breath to watch a beautiful and even terrifying phenomenon, a search for some kind of spirituality in its most basic form.

It will work in the spaces available, from village halls to a room above a pub, or even in the pub, ᅠto create an exciting, ᅠsite specific l theatrical experience – and particularly the moment of the eclipse itself: a modern story rich with the resonances of the past.

We are looking for collaborators who wish to work in non-traditional spaces, collaborating with professional casts and local participants.


Nothing there is beyond hope,


Nothing that can be sworn impossible,


Nothing wonderful, since Zeus,


Father of the Olympians,


Made night from mid-day,


Hiding the light of the shining Sun,


And sore fear came upon men.


A fragment of a lost poem by the Greek poet, Archilochus (ca. 680–645 BCE)